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License not found

Before continue

As reported on the purchase screen, it may happens (after phone change/reset, Play Store account change, app reinstall, ...) the Play Store fails to find a previous order (license) and it will not send the information to the Notify app. This means Notify app cannot restore the old license.

Below you can find suggestions we made available to help you try to restore your previous Notify app license.

license before purchase agreements

How to try to restore a license not found

1) Ensure you are using the same Google account used to purchase license. If you have added multiple Google accounts on phone, ensure the primary (default) account selected is the same account used to buy license. You can contact the Google Play store support to get more support how configure your account correctly

2) Check your payment status on payments.google.com website or on Play Store app

payments failed

Ensure your payment status is not Canceled or Refunded. Otherwise your license cannot be activated.
Canceled orders means the payment failed, contact Play Store support to get additional support about payment process.

Huawei users: if you have bought license using your Google account and now you have migrated to a phone without Google Play Store installed (Huawei AppGallery) the Google license cannot be restored, you have to buy a new license using the Huawei AppGallery

I have the correct Google Account but license is still not found

All transactions are linked to your Google Account, you can restore your licenses on any Android-powered device if you use the same Google account.

Close Notify app from the App Manager (may be called Apps on some devices):

Your license should kick back in. If the app does not restore your license, restart the app and the device.

If this didn't help, do the following:

PlayStore logout
Logout from PlayStore and redo login again. This will force PlayStore license refresh. Then check license status on Notify app.

In case the app does not restore your purchase, try uninstall and reinstall the Notify app.
Note that this will erase also data saved on Notify app (steps, heart, activities, preferences, ...), so we suggest exporting first a backup from main left menu.

If you need additional help, contact us using app Contact support section

Other Google Play support links

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Are we "bad" developers?

Orders (license) are managed by the Google Play Store (payments, refunds, orders status, orders list, ...).
Our app can just send a single command to the Play Store to get the list of orders (license). If for any reason, the Play Store is not sending us back any result, we are unable to restore an old license.
We want to say again, we just have one single command to send to the Play Store to query the orders list. We have no other ways to get the list of orders or force the Play Store to refresh the list or restore an old order.