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Xiaomi devices (Mi Band 8, Mi Band 7 Pro, Redmi Band 2, Redmi Watch 3, ...) firmware limitations

Auth key required

To allow Notify app connect to your smartwatch the auth key code is required always

Only one app can be connected to your smartwatch at once, it means if official app connects to your smartwatch the connection on Notify app gets broken and viceversa

Once an app synced data from your smartwatch (steps, sleep, workouts, ...), all data get deleted from the smartwatch memory. This means an app cannot resync the data again. In other words, if you open the official app and data get synced, then the data will be lost on Notify app!

List of unsupported (not working) features:

Official app can be installed or not

Redmi Watch 3 and Redmi Band 2 limitations

Old watches Mi Band 7, Mi Band 6, Amazfit GTR, ...

Please check the proper Notify for Mi Band or Notify for Amazfit app on the PlayStore.

Other smartwatch models (Mi Watch, Huawei Watch, ...)

Check out the compatible Notify Lite for Smartwatches app.