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(Zepp OS) Mi Band >= 7, GTR >= 3, GTR >= 3 Pro, GTS >= 3, T-Rex >= 2, GTS Mini >= 4, Amazfit Band >= 7 firmware limitations

Official app is required, without it Notify app cannot work

These features are not working due to band firmware limitations

Mi Band 7 PRO not supported!

Mi Band 6, GTR 2, GTS 2, ... New firmware updates (since mid 2021) have some limitations

Official app installed

These features are not work:

Official app NOT installed

All features working!
*Auth key required

Amazfit Pace, Stratos, Verge limitations

Old watches Mi Band 2, Mi Band 3, Amazfit Bip, ...

Everything works fine, Notify app has no limitations.
Button custom actions does not support advanced music player actions integration

Mi Band 4C, Mi Band 7 Pro are not working on Notify app

These devices are running a different encrypted firmware, they are not supported on Notify app. You may want to check the compatible Notify Lite for Smartwatches

Other smartwatch models (Mi Watch, Redmi band, Huawei Watch, ...)

Check out the compatible Notify Lite for Smartwatches app.

Additional limitations (all models)