Mi Band Boxing game - Information

Play Boxing using your Mi Band!

How it Works

1. Strap on your Mi Band 8: Ensure your Mi Band 8 is securely fastened to your wrist before starting.
2. Launch the Boxing Game: Navigate to the main menu and select Boxing Game, the external Boxing gaming app will start.

Tips for the Best Experience

- Clear Your Space: Ensure you have enough space to move around safely.
- Use Protective Gear: For an added layer of safety, consider using gloves or wrist wraps.

Why Mi Band 8 Boxing?

- Immersive Experience: Feel the adrenaline as if you're in a real boxing ring.
- Fitness Tracking: Track your workout progress and set new fitness goals.

Smartwatches models supported

Mi Band 8 is supported. Newer smartband models should be supported as well.

Mi Band 8 Boxing - Installation Guide

Step 1: Install latest Notify App version

To enable the Mi Band 8 Boxing feature, you need to install the latest Notify app version on your smartphone. Notify app is essential for connecting with your smartwatch. Follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Notify for Xiaomi app from the PlayStore from the following link: Notify for Xiaomi Download
  2. Once installed, open the Notify app and connect it to your Mi Band 8 smartwatch.
  3. Go to the Games Notify app section and launch the Boxing game once everything is setup properly.

Step 2: Boxing Gaming App

Now, let's get the exciting Mi Band 8 Boxing gaming app! Follow these steps:

  1. If you haven't already installed the Boxing Gaming App from the official app, you can download it from the following link: AiDong Boxing Game Download
    (Virus total scan result)
  2. Open the downloaded APK file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Boxing Gaming app.
  3. Note: after installation, you will not see any icon on your phone to launch this game.
  4. AiDong Privacy Terms
  5. AiDong User Notice

Step 3: Download the Xiaomi Gaming Plug-in App

Finally, download and install the Xiaomi Gaming plug-in app to make the Boxing game app work with your Mi Band 8 watch by using the Notify app:

  1. Download the Xiaomi Gaming Plug-in app from the following link: Xiaomi Gaming Plug-in Download
    (Virus total scan result)
  2. Open the downloaded APK file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the plug-in app.
  3. Notice: you will see a new app icon on your phone called "Xiaomi Gaming Plug-in" then.
  4. Notice: this installation step is not required if you are using also the official Mi Fitness app.

See It in Action: Mi Band 8 Boxing Feature Demo